Your Skis are online now

The Internet of Things is coming to your skis

PIQ has teamed up with Rossignol to give you more insights on your skiing metrics letting you track all the things you thought you never needed while hitting the slopes. A special strap attaches the sensor to any ski boot enabling the 13-axis ski sensor to measure stats like edge-to-edge speed, G-force and carving angle, while giving freestyle skiers air time, G-force at landing, rotation and more.

Track your runs and share your PIQ Score

A key driver for me using a PIQ sensor would be the gamification element which puts your performance up against your pals or even pro racers. It’s now up on <a href="http://www.piq important“>pre-order for $149, and if you already have a PIQ golf or tennis sensors, you can get the required strap as a $49 upgrade.

Perhaps there are also other usecases for ski-mountaineers and freetourers tracking upward and downward performances. But in my case I would need to test PIQ first. Until now, I go outsides rather to escape technology than to include it 🙂 (except of my Camera) 🙂

Who’s behin PIQ?
PIQ is the creator of the most sophisticated multi-sport sensor. It’s a French society, subsidiary of Octonion, Swiss-based company specializing in software and services for sensors. PIQ is a team composed of seasoned executives, designers and engineers located in Switzerland, France, Eastern Europe and the United States. The team has applied its years of technology, design and go-to-market experience with creating and commercializing PIQ. PIQ is manufactured by Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer in the world.
Source: PIQ.COM

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